Wednesday, June 29, 2011

paint gun

ive been at my home in corydin the last few days and have had some more free time on my hands so ive been doodling on paint a bit


i just got back from a bike ride to the post office, i drop my parents prowoodfingerboards orders off and then i biked to circle k bought a polar pop, squated outside the place and drank almost all of it, and then proceded to walmart were i bought a 2 liter and then headed back home. it was kinda a gnarly ride though its about a six mile round trip, and some of it involves me ridin in the medien of a highway, but ive been pretty hyped on biking lately, so im going to avoid driving as much as possible and bike as much as i can

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


barney ?

lately i have been hearing the name barney thrown around in the skateboarding world, and quite frankly i dont really even know what or how you have to do something to become a barney, or how or what you have to be to be considered a barney, but i think its pretty funny every time i hear someone serously call another skateboarder a barney, or even say barney in a serious matter. i mean i can say trick ass barney and laugh all day, but i was thinkin what could be more barnyish then barney the purple dinosaur and barney fife. and also using paint to make art is also probly a barney move so this picture is pretty much barnified to the max.