Monday, November 28, 2011

being yourself

ive had a recent revolation that i really havent been myself. ive slowly broke down and started to care and even have fear of how others will veiw me. i feel my creativity levels and my overall sense of being have been lower than normal lately because i started to want to stay unoticed and afriad others thoughts. i wanted to post this because im making a change im going to become myself again and not let whats thought to be "normall keep me back any longer" , well im going to at least try and try and try and hopefully with the help of the man upstairs i can become free again. im so tired of being luke warm and seeing so many other people like this. at the end of my life i dont wont to look back and have regrets becuase i was to scarred to truly spread my life and love and who i am to everyone. i thought this might get others stoked as well becuase i know when i get bummed on myself reading things like this can spark my chances on changing what i want. So dont let your fear of others keep you down. here is a link to a sight with some good stuff on it........ WVO

Monday, November 14, 2011


you got to stand up for the one who you expect to have your back when your dead. whoever it may be. this is way easier to type on a blog nobody reads then to do in day to day life. its so easy to be afraid of what people will think of you when you tell them you actually believe that the earth was made in six days and that a giant flood destroyed everthing and then re populated and then that God sent his son to be killed and then brought him back from the dead, and that you believe God can fill you with his spirit that threw it you can do miraculous things, and that your either with him or against him. and that you can live with him forever and ever if you just believe. well thats were ive been at lately, i dont want to deny who i believe in front of others anymore, and i need to stand up and have courage, i havent been doing the best job about it, but im going to keep trying and not give up, his love never fails. but i just want to encourage every to stand up for what they think and who they are, and not to let what the modern world tell you whats right and acceptable, becuase chances are the easier way is not the right way. In my personal beliefs i believe that the road to heavens a narrow one and few will find it. and chances are if most the world agrees with it, although most people would think its right, i would normally go with its wrong. these are just my thoughts and feelings im going threw right now and because its my blog i thought i would share.