Sunday, January 30, 2011

hi everyone

hi everyone, i would just like to let you know a little bout myself, if you dont already know me then you probly dont know that im a mass believer in jesus christ, and i think hes awesome, ive been a little bummed lately because ive found myself not sticking up for my believes and it bumms me out, i mean sometimes its awkwad to tell some one you dont want to do go do this or that because you feel its not something jesus would want you to be doing, or to tell someone you cant go do this or that cause youd rather go to church or read your bible, back when i was younger i was really good about this, i didnt care how awkward it was and didnt give a darn what some one thought, and im going back to this im going to stand up for what im all about all the time. also i mean if someone rags on you for doing this or that or for being a so called '' christian" trying to say your a slave to this or that or trying to save your lame for believing in God and not doing drugs or something like that, well they have no room to talk cause if you not a " slave" to jesus than your a slave to society, if you think your cool for breaking the law or drinking all the time or getting high on crack rock, well your just a slave to the world because these days almost everyone execpts these types of things, ok well maybe not the crack rock. im sorry these posts always end up making no sense sometimes, its easier to share my thought threw voice form sometimes on paper they dont always make complete sense, but i would like everyone to know that jesus loves you, hes not some crazy dude looking to send you to hell for every little mistake or tell you you didnt give the church enough money hes looking to love you and have a releationship with you, and offer you eternal life in a super awesome kingdom, i mean come on who doesnt want to live forever, well i mean everyones going to live for ever just one forever not going to be so pleasent and by not so pleasent i mean the worst thing you could imagine, but i mean its in awesome deal, and if you ever need to talk just give me a call, or via words. also keep shredding and keep going fast or getting tech or whatever you crazy kids or doing these days

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