Tuesday, January 18, 2011

its hard to stay focus

right now is a very difficult time in my life and at the same time one of the easiest times of my life. it sucks living in corydon IN away from most your best friends, and especial when its cold and wet and you cant even hang out with your skateboard. also during this time in my life im having a hard time living for the lord, witch is really why i live at all, (is the word live like a live show the same as the word live like you live life), i feel like maybe its the weather, or maybe its getting older, or maybe im just getting crazyier. and when i have a hard time living for the lord, i get bummed out easy, and am a emotional wreck, i start going crazy, and get sad, but then i relize i just have know im loved, no matter what. so im going to list all the things im thankful for right now
1. having a warm home
2. having internet
3. knowing that earth is only a small bit, of life
4. knowing that i can skateboard, and i live somewhere in th mid west and not antartica
5. having food
6.knowing that God has blessed me with the ability yo back tail
7. having a healthy body, well helthy for how much soda i consume

also when i get bummed out i start doing bad in school, which for those who know me you know my feelings on school, i pretty much dispise it, i really just want to do online school, or get my GED or something, i mean im going to community college anyways, but right now i guess this is were im supposed to be. and im pumped on it, i mean i forget how blessed i am
at least im not constantly picked on or beaten up, or at least im not some jock worrying about making my coach happy, or at least im not worrying about how i look.

WERE im getting at is, or actually none of this has to do with this paragragh, is that im blessed to have the ability to SKATEBoard, and i just want everybody to know i take no credit for it, GOD gave me it completely, i have to go because im bored of this, but i will be posting more, hopefully it explians this whole thing better, i think im going to start bloging so im not constantly lurking on facebook, letting my brain get eaten up, actually i should start actually thinking about skateboarding and learning some new tricks in my mind, also i really hope i done growing, but im not going to worry about it,

actually i just got some way to tie this all in, if you have actaully readed all this, one you probly think im an iliterate fool, but other than that you probly noticed im all over the place, and that pretty much describes me right now, im every where, im struggling to stay sain, but im happy, cause this IS the day THE Lord has made rejioce and be glad, also go skate, go fast, get buck do some grinders, do some sliders, do some power sliderz, also im taking matt down in skate, mark my words, actually i dont think i should post this, if you read this please actually meet me before4 you make consumtions about who i am, and what im about

listen to this

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  1. dude you need to study really hard in your English class... but don't stop writing like this, it's REALLY fun to read.