Monday, November 28, 2011

being yourself

ive had a recent revolation that i really havent been myself. ive slowly broke down and started to care and even have fear of how others will veiw me. i feel my creativity levels and my overall sense of being have been lower than normal lately because i started to want to stay unoticed and afriad others thoughts. i wanted to post this because im making a change im going to become myself again and not let whats thought to be "normall keep me back any longer" , well im going to at least try and try and try and hopefully with the help of the man upstairs i can become free again. im so tired of being luke warm and seeing so many other people like this. at the end of my life i dont wont to look back and have regrets becuase i was to scarred to truly spread my life and love and who i am to everyone. i thought this might get others stoked as well becuase i know when i get bummed on myself reading things like this can spark my chances on changing what i want. So dont let your fear of others keep you down. here is a link to a sight with some good stuff on it........ WVO

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